Announcing eBook Starter, the first and only ebook software that is an actual WYSIWYG ebook editor! If you can use a simple word processing program, you can create ebooks with eBooK Starter! It comes complete with a variety of ebook templates to give your ebooks the look and feel of a real book, notebook, manual or report. Ebook publishing doesn't get any easier than eBook Starter -- guaranteed! ebook software

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eBook Starter Software Features

eBook Starter is unlike any other software program on the market, as it is an actual ebook editor. What this means is that you will have the ability to create your ebooks within this one program, including using your own design or selecting a template.

If you select a template, you will have the ability to edit the template directly within the ebook software program via a "What You See Is What You Get" ebook editor. It functions very similar to a word processing program. And finally, you will be able to compile your ebook into the EXE format all within the eBook Starter software.

eBook Starter is the most complete ebook publishing software on the market -- guaranteed! There are absolutely no other ebook creation programs that can even compare.

And, here's why...

Custom Ebook Templates - EXCLUSIVE

Create your eBooks with ease! Simply select one of our exclusive ebook templates and give your ebooks the look and feel of a real book, notebook, manual or report. Or, you can use your own files!

eBook Starter is much more than just an HTML compiler. Most HTML compilers require you to create your ebook files within a separate program and then import the files into the HTML compiler to create your actual ebook. Not eBook Starter ... our templates and exclusive ebook editor will enable you to create your entire ebook -- from start to finish -- all within the eBook Starter software.

Create Your Own Custom Templates - EXCLUSIVE

Do you have a great design you'd like to include within eBook Starter? No problem! You will receive complete instructions to assist you in creating your own templates that you can use and customize within eBook Starter over and over again.

Custom Ebook Editor - EXCLUSIVE

Edit your ebook templates within our exclusive WYSIWYG eBook editor! It functions very similar to a standard text editor. There is no need to create your ebooks within one program and compile them within another when you can do it all with eBook Starter!

Include Your Own Custom Images - EXCLUSIVE

Do you have some custom images you'd like to include within your project? No problem. eBook Starter supports a variety of image formats, including JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, ICO, EMF and WMF.

Custom Ebook Linking - EXCLUSIVE

Completely customize your ebook's navigation. Place images within your ebooks at the click of a button that function just like your ebook's toolbar buttons.

Custom Template Variables - EXCLUSIVE

Scan your ebook template for pre-defined custom variables! For example, your template may contain variables, such as your name, company name, web address, etc. Simply edit the variables to instantly customize your template. This feature alone will save you a great deal of time.

Custom Print Areas - EXCLUSIVE

Enable your readers to click on a 'Print Button Drop-Down List' and select the content within your ebook they'd like to print. What's more, they can even preview the content by clicking on a 'Print Preview' button!

If you've ever tried to print a web page, you know how difficult it can be. The text may be cut off, the graphics may not display properly and you waste a lot of ink printing unnecessary content.

As HTML eBooks are simply HTML web pages, most do not print properly. For this reason, the eBook Starter print function was specifically designed to alleviate this problem.

Step by Step Ebook Wizard

Need a little assistance in creating your ebook? No problem ... create your ebooks with ease with our step by step eBook Wizard.

Our step by step wizard will take you through six simple steps to assist you in creating your ebooks.

Multimedia Support

eBook Starter supports the HTML 4 browser platform with plugins, which will enable you to create powerful multimedia presentations, including audio and video.

Pop-up Help Balloon Captions

Not sure about a certain feature? Simply place your mouse pointer over the option and a pop-up help balloon will immediately assist you.

Check for and Download Software Updates

Not sure if you have the latest version? eBook Starter will enable you to check for and download free software updates whenever you'd like.

Custom Title/Task Bar Support - EXCLUSIVE

Display a custom ebook title within your ebook's title bar and task bar. These titles can be the same, or may be different.

This feature will enable you to display, for example, your ebook's name in the 'Title' bar and your company name in the 'Task' bar.

Customizable 'System' Pages - EXCLUSIVE

Completely customize your ebook's 'About' window, 'Shareware' window and 'Password' screens or simply use the pre-defined variables to automatically include your information within the default text.

Custom Icons

Completely customize your ebook's icons, including the ebook's executable icon and all of your ebook's toolbar icons by replacing them with your own.

Custom Ebook Sizing

eBook Starter provides you with complete control over how your ebook will be displayed. You select the window size, whether it should open maximized or at the default window size and whether your readers should have the ability to resize your ebook.

Starting and/or Ending Pop-Up Box

Display a customized pop-up box when your eBook is opened and/or closed.

This pop-up box might be used to display system requirements, your company information, welcome message, or whatever you'd like.

Starting and/or Ending Splash Screen

Display a customized splash screen when your eBook is opened and/or closed.

Display a custom image as a splash screen that matches your ebook or whatever you'd like.

You can enable your users to close your splash screen on click and even specify the number of seconds it should display.

Custom Page Ordering

Place your pages in the exact order they should be displayed within your ebook. This will enable your readers to easily navigate your ebook using 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons.

Custom Bookmarks

Include a custom list of your favorite bookmarks within your ebooks. Your links will be displayed within a drop down list and may include links to pages within your ebook or on the Internet (Internal and External Links).

This provides you with a great way to include links to your web sites, affiliate sites or whatever you'd like.

Open Ebook in Full Screen Kiosk Mode

Do you have a presentation that doesn't require a toolbar? No problem ... display your projects full screen with no toolbar.

This provides you with the ability to create professional flash presentations or whatever you'd like.

Customizable Ebook Toolbar

You have complete control over what buttons will display within your ebook's toolbar.

For example, if you'd like to enable your readers to search your ebook, you can include a 'Search' button. If not, simply don't include the button. If you'd like to enable your readers to print your ebook, you can include the 'Print' button. If not, don't include the button. It's that simple.

Customizable Ebook Toolbar Icons

Completely customize your toolbar icons, including using the default image or a custom image. You can also adjust the button's and image's width and height for complete customization.

Customizable Ebook Toolbar Button Text

Will you be writing your ebook in a language other than English? No problem ... display the toolbar button text in the language of your choice.

Disable or Enable Ebook Toolbar Button Text

Display the toolbar buttons with or without text -- the choice is yours.

Customizable Ebook Toolbar Font Color

Display your toolbar button font in the color of your choice.

Customizable Ebook Toolbar Background Color

Display your toolbar background in the color of your choice for complete customization.

Custom Ebook Toolbar Logo

Your ebooks should look like they're yours and not another companies. Ebook Starter will enable you to completely brand your ebooks by including your own custom logo that displays within the right hand side of your ebook's toolbar. What's more, you can even link the logo to your web site or the site of your choice.

Custom Ebook Toolbar Placement

Place your ebook's toolbar at the top, on the bottom or not at all - - the choice is yours.

Custom Ebook Toolbar Preview Button

Preview your ebook's toolbar to see how it will look before you compile your ebook.

Customizable Font Size

By using the customizable font size icon within your ebooks, you can allow your readers to increase or decrease the font size within your ebook to suit their needs.

This option is great for those who may have difficulties reading the text. They can simply enlarge the font size.

Custom Ebook Security Options

No Security

This option will enable your ebook to be opened without a password or any additional security options.

Single Password

Protect your ebooks with a single password.

This option will enable you to protect your eBook with a single password.

This security method works by encrypting the ebook content with a password. When the ebook is opened, the password prompt appears. The user enters the password and the ebook decrypts its contents and displays.

This is a simple way to protect your ebooks. If the user doesn't know the password, the ebook will not open.

Unique Username & Password

Protect your ebooks with a username & password.

This security option is identical to the 'Password' option. However, this option works with one or more 'username-password' pairs.

This option will enable you to create a universal username and password for all of your customers, or create a unique username and password for each of your customers.

Password Protect Types

  • All Book (Simple)
    Protect your complete ebook with a password. When the user tries to open your ebook, they will be asked to enter a password.

    This is the fastest and easiest way to password protect your ebook. The same password will be provided to all your readers.

  • All Book (Shareware)
    This option will enable you to create a shareware version of your ebook.

    A shareware version will enable you to allow your users to view your ebook a certain number of days or starts (opens). Once the allotted time has passed, the reader will be required to enter a password to continue reading your ebook.

    This provides you with a great way to offer a free trial version of your ebook.

  • Selected Pages
    This option will enable you to password protect certain pages within your ebook, while enabling your users to view other pages.

    This will enable you to offer your potential customers a sneak peak of your ebook. If they'd like to read the entire ebook, they'll need to purchase a password.

Unique Computer Code

Protect your ebooks from being shared. This feature will only allow your ebook to display on a single computer.

Custom Disable Right Click - EXCLUSIVE

Protect your content by disabling the right mouse click within your ebooks. Your source code will also be protected from being copied and pasted using the Ctrl c + v method.

In addition, you can even specify which pages may be copied and which pages may not.

For example, maybe you've written a complete JavaScript tutorial. Although you don't want your readers to be able to copy your tutorial, you may want them to be able to copy the code examples.

No Temporary File Extraction

Some HTML compilers may extract your files into a temp folder, which is very insecure. Your files may be stolen! It's simply a matter of locating the temp folder and copying all the files. Rest assured, eBook Starter does not extract files to a temp folder.

Save Your Ebook Project Settings

Do you create a lot of eBooks? Do you use a lot of the same settings? There's no need to edit the settings each time you create a new ebook, as you can save your project settings for future use.

Subdirectory Support for Your Files

Keep your eBook files organized by placing your images and other files within subdirectories. With eBook Starter, you can create an eBook the contains subdirectories for files such as images, audio and video files.

Form Processing Support

Include your subscription forms inside your ebooks. Simply link to your form processing script on your web server and start collecting new subscribers to your publication right through your eBook -- a great way to increase your subscriber base!

Save Your Ebook Settings as Default

Completely customize your eBook Starter settings by saving your ebook settings as default. Each time you start eBook Starter, your settings will be loaded.

Include a Search Function within Your Ebooks

Would you like to enable your readers to search your eBook? No problem -- simply add the search icon to your eBook's toolbar and your readers will have the ability to search for a specific keyword.

Project Confirmation Overview Window - EXCLUSIVE

Prior to compiling your eBook, you will be presented with a confirmation window that will enable you to review the options you've selected. This will enable you to ensure your eBook will look and function just as you had intended.

Custom Ebook File Compression

eBook Starter compresses your file sizes for optimal download time and distribution.

Instantly Run Your Ebook upon Compilation

As soon as your eBook has been compiled, you can either click on a hyperlink that appears or click on 'Run' within the eBook Starter toolbar to view your new eBook.

Custom Ebook Brander

Create customizable fields within your eBooks to enable your affiliates to brand your promotional eBooks with their company name, affiliate ID or whatever you'd like.

Earn Affiliate Commissions Effortlessly

Include your eBook Starter affiliate link within the 'About box!' If one of your readers clicks on the eBook Starter link, you will earn a commission if they decide to purchase.

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