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Ebooks Software for Your Ebook Publishing Needs. Create Your Own Ebook With Ease...

"Announcing eBook Starter, the first ebook compiler software that includes a text editor! If you can use a simple word processing program, you can create ebooks with eBook Starter! It comes complete with a variety of ebook templates to give your ebooks the look and feel of a real book, notebook, manual or report. Ebook publishing doesn't get any easier than eBook Starter - guaranteed..."

"Finally, An All-In-One Ebooks Software Program You Can Use to Create, Package and Sell Your Own Information Products and Keep 100% of the Profits for Life!"

A Complete Ebook Creator Compiler to Create Your Ebook From Start to Finish!


A COMPLETE package that includes EVERYTHING you need to publish your own ebooks on the Internet! Nothing more to buy and no additional software is required. And, best of all, NEVER pay another dime in royalties or any other fees - the ebooks you create are yours for life!

Sell them, give them away, use them as incentives or whatever you'd like...



Dear Internet Friend,

If you've been on the Internet for any time at all, you have no doubt discovered that the Internet is all about information and instant gratification. Internet users are searching for information and want it right now.

The Internet has literally become the information super highway, as millions upon millions of people logon each day in search of the information they desire - not just any type of information - they're searching for solutions! They want to improve their health, improve their love life, improve their finances - the list goes on and on...

That's what makes informational products, such as ebooks, reports, etc., so appealing. They provide people with the information they desire, almost instantly, as they can be purchased and downloaded within a matter of minutes.

As most people are impulsive buyers, a product offering a solution to their problem that can be in their possession within minutes is almost irresistible, as it provides instant gratification

Not only are ebooks the perfect solution for Internet users, they are also the perfect online product for YOU. Information products are the most inexpensive products you can develop. Once you purchase an ebook compiler, you can create as many ebooks as you'd like and sell them an unlimited number of times with...

  • No inventory
  • No packaging charges
  • No shipping charges and
  • No hassle...

Information is the number one best-selling product on the Internet. There are literally hundreds of Internet entrepreneurs quietly making a fortune simply by selling information. How? By developing in-demand information products and delivering them instantly and automatically over the Internet.

The great thing is ... YOU can do the same thing. Once you create your product, you can completely automate everything from your payment processing to your product delivery and follow up - you can process orders around the clock without ever lifting a finger and put your business on autopilot!

Ebooks Can Easily Generate an Annual Income of $100,000 or More!

In fact, information alone has created many millionaires! Some of the richest people in the world sell information!

Making that kind of money certainly won't happen overnight, but the Internet has opened a whole New World of opportunity for all of us. Now, we all have the opportunity to make an absolute fortune from the comfort of our own home. And, the best part is that it takes very little money, and you can set up an automated system online that will practically run itself!

So, how can this be possible? By creating and selling your own ebooks...

Self-publishing is one of the absolute easiest and cheapest ways to earn a wealth of cash on the Internet. You can literally make a fortune online simply by selling your information.

Do you think self-publishing is expensive?

Not if you're self-publishing on the Internet and using a technologically advanced ebook creator tool like eBook Starter. In fact, you will probably be amazed by how inexpensive it really is...

The great thing about eBook Starter is that once you purchase this ebook publishing software, you can create as many ebooks as you would like and never pay any royalties or additional fees of any kind - unlike some of our competitors that charge you a monthly fee and/or make you purchase security codes.

What's more, you can easily begin raking in a mind-boggling $1,000, $5,000 or even $10,000 each month on autopilot!

It has never been any easier than right now to make a fortune from home - right on the Internet.

"I didn't know that making money online could be so easy..."

"I just had to write to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such a great program and making it so affordable. I am now selling at least two or three copies of my ebook each day and making a nice income. If I had known it was this easy to make money online, I would have started years ago!"

- Julia Spencer

What Exactly is an Ebook?

Click here to download our sample ebook
Your ebook can look very similar to this one.

Ebook Cover View

Open Book View

Although there are several ebook format options, which we will review later, we will be focusing on HTML compiled ebooks. Ebooks or electronic books are self-contained files of HTML. This HTML may be a web site you've created or HTML you've specifically prepared to be compiled into a downloadable EXE file for distribution. When downloaded, the file will self-install on your customers' desktop.

  • This EXE file requires no installation and will open on your customers computer simply by double clicking on the file. In addition, it doesn't require any special plug-ins or viewers, as it relies on your customers' browser.

  • Ebooks are completely interactive with the Internet and can contain live links, graphics, forms, JavaScript, can be protected via password/userid, search capabilities and more.

  • This self-contained executable file can be distributed in a number of ways, including CD, floppy disk, and Internet download.

Ebooks provide the 'perfect' solution for delivering your information over the Internet to whoever you'd like.

Promote Your Products and/or Services Effortlessly

Not only are ebooks the 'perfect' online product, but they're also the 'perfect' viral marketing tool. Ebooks are taking the Internet by storm - their use is limited only by your imagination.

When doing business on the Internet, you know that in order to be successful, you must continually promote your products and services. And, ebooks provide the perfect solution.

Ebooks will enable you to put a portion of your promotional efforts on autopilot! They will enable you to promote your products and/or services automatically without any cost or effort on your part.

If you've been on the Internet for a while, you have probably been to some web sites that have given you a free ebook. The ebook usually contains some helpful information with regard to the subject and provides information about their products or services.

Let me explain...

These sites aren't giving away this free information just to be kind to their visitors. They are giving it away to significantly increase their sales.

The key to using an ebook as a viral marketing tool is to write a short information packed ebook that identifies a specific problem, provides some basic information to assist your readers, and promotes your products and/or services as the solution.

Provide your readers with information about your products and/or services with a link to your web site and give them your ebook, free of charge.

But, that's not all.

Although giving them your promotional ebook is a great start, that's not exactly going to provide you with a wealth of free promotion.

The key to using this technique successfully is to allow your ebook to be freely distributed. In other words, you give the ebook to your visitors and allow them to give it to their visitors.

Although this will provide you with some additional promotion, if you really want to create a viral marketing machine, you need to give your visitors a reason to want to distribute your ebook.

How? You might be wondering? By enabling your readers to customize portions of your ebook with their own information.

Here's how...

There are special software programs that will enable you to create fields within your ebooks that may be customized by your readers. And, you will receive this little gem with your eBook Starter purchase! Keep reading this letter and you'll learn more about this awesome technology a little further down...

Think about the possibilities...

10 of your visitors download your ebook.

Your 10 visitors each give away 10 ebooks - 100
Those 100 each give away 10 ebooks - 1000
Those 1000 each give away 10 ebooks - 10,000
Those 10,000 each give away 10 ebooks - 100,000
Those 100,000 each give away 10 ebooks - 1,000,000

Your ebook will continue to work for you even years down the road! Now that's viral marketing.

Collect Your Visitors Personal Contact Information

If you're doing business on the Internet, you probably know the importance of developing a list of targeted potential customers. However, gaining new subscribers can be difficult without a little incentive.

If you really want to build a massive list of targeted potential customers, you MUST provide them with an incentive to subscribe. The competition on the Internet is fierce - gone are the days when you could simply tell your visitors about your publication and expect a large percentage to subscribe. It simply won't work anymore. You MUST give your visitors a reason to subscribe.

Here's how...

Using incentives is a highly effective method of obtaining new subscribers. However, your incentive must be of value and be of interest to your target audience.

Just as you can create an ebook to use as a promotional tool, you can also use this same ebook as an incentive.

Here's how it works...

  1. Create a small, quality ebook with the eBook Starter software in the area of your expertise that teaches and/or informs and will be of interest to your visitors.

  2. Create a special page for your ebook that tells your readers all about your ebook and include your publication's subscription form.

  3. Let your readers know that in addition to receiving your ebook, they will also receive a free subscription to your publication.

  4. Once your reader subscribes, simply include the download instructions for your ebook within your subscription 'welcome' message.

That's all there is to it. By using this simple technique, you will significantly increase your subscriptions and ultimately, increase your sales.

Take the First Step in Creating Your Ebook

Everybody is good at something. When you sit down and really think about all you've learned throughout your life, you'll be amazed with how much you really have to offer.

Your life experiences alone could be worth a fortune...

There are literally thousands of highly targeted, untapped niche markets that could make you a fortune and eBook Starter can help you make your dream a reality...

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Low Carb Recipes
Become a Chef
Natural Remedies
Sewing Tips
Arts and Crafts
Throwing a Party
Party Games for Kids
Baby Showers
Rose Garden
Skin Care
Weight Loss
Weight Training
Body Building
Self Improvement
Health and Fitness
Healthy Eating
Sleep Remedies
Drug Addiction
Stop Smoking
Baby's First Year
Child Development
Caring for the Elderly
Animals and Pets
Pet Care
Pet Grooming
Pet Shows
Dog Training
Single Mothers
Single Fathers
Teenage Mothers
Teenage Fathers
Home Remodeling
Home Maintenance
Interior Design
Small Appliance Repair
Home Buying
Auto Mechanics
Auto Buying
Classic Cars
Auto Restoration
Home Finances
Planning a Seminar
Planning a Conference
Home Business
Make More Money
Computer Programming
Computer Repair
Computer Maintenance
Computer Software
Stopping Spam
Internet Auctions
Internet Business
Internet Marketing
Graphic Design
Time Management
Goal Setting
Web Design

Are You Really Satisfied with Your Current Income?

Think for just a moment...are you really satisfied with your Internet sales? Are you tired of marketing everyone else's products only to receive a small commission for all of your efforts? Isn't it about time that you had your own product?

If you really want to make serious money on the Internet, having your own product is an absolute must! It's that simple! eBook Starter will help you create your own product. You don't have to be a rocket scientist in order to write a successful ebook. If that were the case, most of us would fail.

Ebooks are one of the most popular sellers on the Internet. They are one of the most popular free downloads on the Internet. Information is the number one seller on the Internet. It's no wonder so many people are raking in thousands of dollars each and every month selling information. Studies have shown that 80% of all Internet sales is "How to" information. Internet users are starving for information. Use it to your advantage.

By now, I'm sure you realize how powerful an ebook can be. But, there's still one major detail that you'll need to decide upon...

How will you package your information?

Until now, there really wasn't much of a choice for packaging information. Let's take a look at the possibilities...

  • Text - Can be opened and viewed on any computer platform. This format produces the smallest file size; however, it is very plain and unprofessional. You cannot include any images, you must use the same font style and size throughout your document and cannot use any special text formatting, such as bold and italics. Not a good choice for selling information products.

  • HTML - Provides the greatest amount of customizations. This format supports any technology used within a web page. It doesn't require any special viewers, as it relies on the Internet Explorer browser to display the content. However, it is very insecure and unorganized, as you must distribute each individual file (files are not compiled into one file format for distribution), which will cause confusion, as your user will have to locate the proper file to begin reading your information.

  • DOC (Microsoft Word Documents) - Provides a great deal of customization options, including image formatting, text formatting, font colors and font styles. However, the DOC file sizes can be very large. In addition, as not all of your customers will have Microsoft Word installed on their computer, your document may not display properly.

  • PDF (Adobe Acrobat) - Provides a great way to compress files created in a variety of different programs, such as word processing programs, spreadsheet programs, etc. However, users are required to download and install a special viewer. In addition, you are very limited on creativity, as your information will be displayed as it is in a word processor. In addition, the security options are very limited.

As HTML provides you with the greatest amount of customizations, it seems this is the best format. HTML ebooks are completely interactive with the Internet and can be as simple or dynamic as you'd like. Your projects can contain live links, graphics, forms, JavaScript, and more. You can easily create a dynamic presentation utilizing the latest technology.

Sounds great, doesn't it?

Well, it is except for the packaging issue. How will you get your files to your customers? You certainly can't distribute your raw HTML files to your customers - that certainly wouldn't be very professional. The good news is ... there are ebook compiler software programs available on the Internet that will compress all of your files into one stand-alone file you can distribute to your customers. This software program is known as an HTML compiler and eBook Starter is just that and more...

"I am completely blown away by this application..."

"I felt compelled to write to you. I am the author of four published books, I have worked with big publishing houses, have self-published using conventional printers, and also POD (Print-on Demand). I was completely new to the concept of ebooks, but thought I would give it a try. I have a minimal knowledge of using programs other than Word, and I was cautious about buying Ebook Starter for this reason. Nothing ventured, I bought the software from your website. I am completely blown away by this application. Not only did I master it very quickly, but I converted two manuscripts I had floating around into ebooks in no time at all. Within a couple of days I put them on my website and they are for sale! I am so taken by it, that I have recommended Ebook Starter on a new website!"

- Paul Thorn

An HTML Compiler May Be Your Answer ... Or is it?
WARNING: Don't Purchase an HTML Compiler Before You Read This...

HTML compilers are great and provide a wonderful solution for packaging HTML files. However, there's only one problem ... they are just that ... HTML compilers - that's it! They will only compile files that you've already created within another program, such as an HTML editor.

What this means is that you would need to create your pages within an HTML editor and then import them into an HTML compiler to create your ebook file.

What's more, If you don't know how to write HTML or create a web page, you're really left out in the cold. You can either hire someone to create your pages for you or use another format.

As if that isn't enough, even if you know some HTML, you still have to come up with a nice design. And, I for one, don't want my ebooks to look like a web page. I want them to look like a real book, report or whatever type of information I'm offering...

Although I searched the Internet and found a couple of options, such as HTML compilers with skins, and the fancy page turning ebooks that look great, but don't provide any room for text, I never found a real solution to my problem.

That's why I finally broke down and decided to hire a developer to create exactly what I was looking for in an ebook compiler software program.

And, after a year of designing, building, researching, testing and retesting, it's finally ready...

Introducing eBook Starter...

The first ebooks software compiler that includes an actual text editor and ebook creator HTML compiler - all-in-one. This exceptional program stands head and shoulders above the rest, as it provides you with a complete ebook publishing solution that puts the power in your hands.

At Last, You Can Now Have Complete Control Over Your Ebooks

With eBook Starter, you will have complete control over every aspect of your ebook's creation - from selecting your preferred ebook template, to selecting your security options - eBook Starter is your complete solution to quality ebook creation.

With eBook Starter you will have a cost-effective solution to quality product development, as ebooks have the potential to generate massive profits with very little cost or effort.

Here's why...

Ebooks are very inexpensive to create

Once you purchase eBook Starter, there are no additional costs! You can create an unlimited number of eBooks and create an ongoing profit generating library of ebooks with NO inventory and NO shipping fees!

Can you imagine creating a single ebook and selling it hundreds or even thousands of times over and over again? That's exactly what you can do with eBook Starter!

Imagine creating an ebook and selling it for $49.97. Now, imagine selling only one ebook each day for seven days. That's seven ebooks times $49.97 each for a total of $349.79 a week! Or, $1,399.16 a month! Or, $16,789.92 a year!

Now, imagine how much you could make if you sold two or three ebooks a day ... When you really think about the possibilities here, it's simply amazing...

Ebooks are very easy to create

With eBook Starter, you are provided with the ability to create your ebooks using our exclusive ebook templates and edit them within a built in ebook text editor or you may use your own HTML files.

If you'd like to use your own files, such as a Word Document, you can create your ebook simply by converting your text into HTML within the Word program and importing your HTML into eBook Starter to create your eBook. It's that simple!

Ebooks can be instantly delivered over the Internet

When doing business on the Internet, the key to your success will be to automate as many tasks as possible.

One of the many benefits of creating an ebook is that they can be instantly delivered over the Internet. You can set up an ecommerce system to enable your users to purchase your ebook and either email the ebook to your customers or direct them to a download page - all without any effort on your part.

Ebooks can be placed on a CD

If you'd like to provide your customers with another delivery option, you can place your ebook on CDrom. What's more, you can even create a little 'autorun' file that will enable your ebook to open as soon as your customer places the CD in their computer.

This option will enable you to create professional presentations like the big companies at almost no cost!

eBook Starter is your complete solution for packaging just about any type of information product, such as ebooks, newsletters, reports, catalogues, etc., you'd like to create.

The possibilities are endless...

Create Professional Looking Ebooks, Manuals, Reports, and
Newsletters Quickly and Easily With Our Custom Designed Templates

Create your presentations with ease! Simply select one of our exclusive eBook templates and give your ebooks the look and feel of a real book, notebook, manual, newsletter or report. Or, you can use your own files! eBook Starter is much more than just an ebooks software. Most ebook creators require you to create your eBook files within another program and then import the files into the HTML compiler to create your actual eBook. Not eBook Starter, our templates will enable you to create your eBook files with ease.

Our exclusive ebooks software is unlike any other ebook creator software on the market! eBook Starter was specifically designed to enable you to design, edit and build your eBooks from start to finish all within one, easy to use software program.

Here's a small sample of the available templates:

ebook software template ebook software template
ebook software template ebook software template
ebook software template ebook software template
ebook software template ebook software template
ebook software template ebook software template

Include Your Own Custom Images Within Your Presentations

Do you have some custom images you'd like to include within your project? No problem. eBook Starter supports a variety of image formats, including JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, ICO, EMF and WMF.

Create Your Own Custom Templates to Use Within the eBook Starter Software

Do you have a great design you'd like to include within eBook Starter? No problem! You will receive complete instructions to assist you in creating your own templates that you can use and customize within eBook Starter over and over again.

You see, once you create a template and place it in the software, it can be used an unlimited number of times. As eBook Starter utilizes the latest technologies, your original files are preserved.

"This eBook program has increased my sales greatly, I love it!..."

"I bought your eBook software a little over a year ago after trying several different ones. I settled with yours because of the easy format that it uses. I started making eBooks on how to make wire jewelry and I have made a little over 75 different eBooks. I have customers all over the world, I stopped counting countries when I reached 25 and more has been added. The thing that I like most is the fact that after you get one made, you just send an email after purchase and it's 100% profit. You have a wonderful, user friendly program that I am thankful I found."

- Rickie Coon

Create Your Presentations Directly Within Our Exclusive Ebooks Software Editor

Edit your eBook templates within our exclusive eBook text editor! It functions very similar to a standard text editor. There is no need to create your eBooks within one program and compile them with another when you can do it all with eBook Starter.

ebook software editor screen shot ebook software editor screen shot
ebook software editor screen shot ebook software editor screen shot

Use Our Exclusive Custom Variables Throughout Your Presentations

Variables are powerful little codes that can be used within your eBooks for customization purposes. They provide you with the ability to create customizable fields within your ebooks that may be specified by you or your readers.

You simply create a little code and place it within your eBooks and it will be replaced with the text you specify within the 'Variables' window. All of the templates contain a variety of variables that will automatically display your information, such as your copyrights, the year, your company name, etc., simply by filling in your variable preferences within the 'Variables' window.

You can use variables in an unlimited number of ways. For example, if you'd like to display the same information throughout your ebook, such as your copyright information, you can use a variable instead of typing the information over and over again. This feature alone will save you a great deal of time, as it can completely eliminate the need to type and retype the same information.

Variables can also be used to create brandable eBooks that will enable your users to customize special fields you specify. This technology can enable you to provide your affiliates with an eBook they can use as a sales tool to sell your products and services. Your affiliates can have the ability to customize your eBook with their affiliate ID and earn commissions simply by giving the eBook away. You will receive this powerful software program FREE with your eBook Starter purchase!

Enable Your Customers to Print Your Content Using Our Exclusive 'Custom Print' Options

If you've ever tried to print a web page, you know how difficult it can be. The text may be cut off, the graphics may not display properly and you waste a lot of ink printing unnecessary content.

As HTML eBooks are simply HTML web pages, most do not print properly. For this reason, the eBook Starter print function was specifically designed to alleviate this problem.

eBook Starter will enable your readers to click on a 'Print Button Drop-Down List' and select the content within your eBook they'd like to print. What's more, they can even preview the content by clicking on a 'Print Preview' button. This feature is exclusive to eBook Starter and alleviates the printing problem associated with HTML compiled ebooks.

Create Your Ebooks with Ease Using our Step by Step Ebook Publishing Wizard

Need a little assistance in creating your ebook? No problem ... create your ebooks with ease with our step by step ebook publishing wizard.

Whether you'd like to create your ebook using your own files or with one of our exclusive ebook templates, our step by step ebook publishing wizard will take you through each step.

Click here to view our Wizard Screen Shots

Secure Your Ebooks With Our Custom Security Options

eBook Starter provides you with several options to secure your ebooks including...

Secure Your Ebook With:

  • A Single Password
    Protect your ebooks with a single password. When your reader tries to open your ebook, they will be asked to enter a password. If they enter the correct password, the ebook will open. If they enter the wrong password, it won't.

  • A Unique Username & Password
    Protect your ebooks with a username & password. When your reader tries to open your ebook, they will be asked to enter a username and password. If they enter the correct username and password, the ebook will open. If they enter the wrong username and password, it won't.

    This option will enable you to create a universal username and password for all of your customers, or create a unique username and password for each of your customers.

  • A Unique Computer Code
    Protect your eBooks from being shared. This feature will only allow your eBook to display on a single computer!

Shareware Version

Set your ebook to expire within a specified number of days and/or views. Once the days or views have been reached, the reader will be required to enter a password or the ebook will lock. This provides a great way to offer a trial version.

ebook software shareware window screen shot

The shareware display window is completely customizable.

Secure Only Specific Pages

Specify pages within your eBook you'd like to secure. This will enable you to offer your potential customers a sneak peak of your ebook. If they'd like to read the entire eBook, they'll need to purchase a password.

No Temporary File Extraction

Some HTML compilers may extract your files into a temp folder, which is very insecure. Your files may be stolen! It's simply a matter of locating the temp folder and copying all the files. Rest assured, eBook Starter does not extract files to a temp folder.

Disable Right Click

Protect your content by disabling the right mouse click within your ebooks. Your source code will also be protected from being copied and pasted using the Ctrl c + v method.

Completely Customize Your Ebook With Our Custom Publishing Options

  • Custom eBook Linking - EXCLUSIVE
    Completely customize your ebook's navigation. Place images that function just like your eBook's toolbar buttons within your ebook at the click of a button.

  • Custom Title/Task Bar Support
    Display a custom ebook title within your eBook's title bar and task bar. These titles can be the same, or may be different.

  • Custom 'About' Window - EXCLUSIVE
    Completely customize your ebook's 'About' window or simply use the pre-defined variables to automatically include your information.

  • Custom Icons
    Completely customize your ebook's icons, including the ebook's icon and all of your ebook's toolbar icons by replacing them with your own.

  • Custom Ebook Sizing
    eBook Starter provides you with complete control over how your ebook will be displayed. You select the window size, whether it should open maximized or at the default window size and whether your readers should have the ability to resize your ebook.

  • Starting and/or Ending Pop-up Box
    Display a customized pop-up box when your ebook is opened and/or closed.

  • Starting and/or Ending Splash Screen
    Display a customized splash screen when your ebook is opened and/or closed.

  • Page Ordering
    Place your pages in the exact order they should be displayed. This will enable your readers to easily navigate your ebook using 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons.

  • Bookmarks
    Include a custom list of your favorite bookmarks within your ebooks. Your links will be displayed within a drop down list and may include links to pages within your ebook or on the Internet (Internal and External Links).

  • Open eBooks in Full Screen Kiosk Mode
    Do you have a presentation that doesn't require a toolbar? No problem ... display your projects full screen with no toolbar.

  • Customizable Toolbar
    You have complete control over what buttons will display within your ebook's toolbar. For example, if you'd like to enable your readers to search your ebook, you can include a 'Search' button. If not, simply don't include the button. It's that simple.

  • Customizable Toolbar Icons
    Completely customize your toolbar icons, including using the default image or a custom image. You can also adjust the button's and image's width and height for complete customization.

  • Customizable Toolbar Button Text
    Display the toolbar button text in the language of your choice.

  • Disable or Enable Toolbar Button Text
    Display the toolbar buttons with or without text - the choice is yours.

  • Customizable Toolbar Font Color and Background Color
    Display your toolbar background and button font in the colors of your choice for complete customization.

  • Custom Toolbar Logo
    Include a custom logo within your ebooks that may be linked to the site of your choice!

  • Custom Toolbar Placement
    Place your toolbar at the top, on the bottom or not at all - - the choice is yours.

Create Your Ebooks With Our Exclusive Ebook Creator Software
that Provides a COMPLETE Solution to Your Self Publishing Needs

Pop-up Help Balloon Captions

Not sure about a certain feature? Simply place your mouse pointer over the option and a pop-up help balloon will immediately assist you.

Check for and Download Free Software Updates

Not sure if you have the latest version? eBook Starter will enable you to check for and download software updates whenever you'd like.

Toolbar Preview Button

Preview your eBook's toolbar to see how it will look before you compile your eBook.

Save Project Settings

Do you create a lot of eBooks? Do you use a lot of the same settings? There's no need to edit the settings each time you create a new ebook, as you can save your project settings for future use.

Subdirectory Support

Keep your eBook files organized by placing your images and other files within subdirectories. With eBook Starter, you can create an eBook that contains subdirectories for files, such as images.

Customizable Font Size

By using the customizable font size icon within your eBooks, you can allow your readers to increase or decrease the font size within your eBook to suit their needs.

Form Processing Support

Include your subscription forms inside your ebooks. Simply link to your form processing script on your web server and start collecting new subscribers to your publication right through your eBook - a great way to increase your subscriber base!

Set as Default

Completely customize your eBook Starter settings by saving your ebook settings as default. Each time you start eBook Starter, your settings will be loaded.

Search eBook Function

Would you like to enable your readers to search your eBook? No problem - simply add the search icon to your eBook's toolbar and your readers will have the ability to search for a specific keyword.

Project Confirmation Overview

Prior to compiling your eBook, you will be presented with a confirmation window that will enable you to review the options you've selected. This will enable you to ensure your eBook will look and function just as you had intended.

eBook Compression

eBook Starter compresses your file sizes for optimal download time and distribution.

Instantly Run Your eBook Upon Compilation

As soon as your eBook has been compiled, you can either click on a hyperlink that appears or click on 'Run' within the eBook Starter toolbar to view your new eBook.

eBook Brander

Create customizable fields within your eBooks to enable your affiliates to brand your promotional eBooks with their company name, affiliate ID or whatever you'd like.

Earn Affiliate Commissions Effortlessly

Include your eBook Starter affiliate link within the 'About box!' If one of your readers clicks on the eBook Starter link, you will earn a commission if they decide to purchase.

"The templates make creating an e-book so easy!..."

"WOW! What an awesome product. I was amazed that I produced my e-book in such a short time. The templates make creating an e-book so easy! I tried another HTML compiler before yours, but it was so hard! I had to make my e-book pages myself in an HTML editor and then use their ebook compiler to make an ebook. What a waste of time. I now use your ebook software to make an e-book from start to finish. Your customer support is great, too. My hard drive crashed and I needed a new registration key. I contacted your customer support and I received help within minutes of writing on a Saturday! Thank you for creating such a great program."

- Cathy Hornsby

Here's What You Will Receive Within the Next Five Minutes When You Pick Up Your Copy of eBook Starter...

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  3. The viral marketing software, eBook Brander, that will enable you to create customizable ebooks to give to your visitors, affiliates or whoever you'd like.
  4. The ability to protect your content by preventing your readers from copying your text.
  5. The ability to prevent your ebooks from being shared by allowing your ebooks to only be viewed on one computer when purchased.
  6. The ability to increase your sales by creating a shareware version of your projects.
  7. The ability to password protect your entire ebook or the pages of your choice.
  8. Access to the eBook Starter template download page that will enable you to download exclusive new ebook templates as soon as they are released, completely free.
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  10. Your precious time ... eBook Starter will save you hours of valuable time, as all the hard work has been done for you. Simply add and format your text and images, just like you would within a word processing program, select your options and compile - that's it!


If you're ready to take the first step toward publishing your own information products and turn your dreams into reality, look no further than eBook Starter - the most simple and complete ebook software system on the market.

If you're looking for a quality ebook software program that provides you with pre-designed professional templates to make your self-publishing endeavors a breeze, look no further than eBook Starter - the exclusive ebook publishing software that will give your ebooks the look and feel of a real book, notebook, manual or report at the click of your mouse.

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If you're looking for a quality ebook publishing software that will enable you to protect your content and prevent your ebooks from being shared, look no further than eBook Starter - secure your projects with ease.

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System Requirements:

Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, Vista or Windows 7 operating system

Older Mac systems will require a special software that will enable them to view Windows files, such as http://www.iemulator.com. However, the new Macs are capable of running Windows files if they install Windows.

Internet Explorer 5.5 or later installed on your computer to use the software or view ebooks created with the software.

P.S. - Right now, you are just 5 minutes away from getting started creating your own information products! Remember ... you have absolutely nothing to lose with a fully functional demo to ensure the software will meet your needs.

P.P.S. - Remember ... eBook Starter is the first ebook software that includes an actual ebook text editor and HTML compiler - all-in-one. If you can use a simple word processing program, you can create ebooks with eBook Starter!

This exceptional program stands head and shoulders above the rest, as it provides you with a complete ebook publishing solution that puts the power in your hands. You will have complete control over every aspect of your publishing

P.P.P.S. - Don't ever worry about your ebooks looking great again! eBook Starter provides you with exclusive eBook templates that will give your ebooks the look and feel of a real book, notebook, manual, newsletter or report. Or, you can use your own files!

eBook Starter is the ONLY ebook software you will ever need. Don't waste another minute - Ebook publishing simply doesn't get any easier than eBook Starter!

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eBook Starter - A Complete Ebooks Software - Ebook Creator Compiler for All Your Ebook Publishing Needs.

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